ESCAPE is a series of workshops created to help you live and thrive in the photographic world that you truly want to be part of.

As a participant of ESCAPE you will receive weekly into your inbox the knowledge and the power to escape the ties that bind you and give you the tools to be a happy and profitable photographer making money and just as importantly being HAPPY at what you love.

"If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life"

How many times have you heard
" I love photographing people/models but there is no money in it"


All of the roadmaps will be sent to you by email every week.

You will have access to video content giving you skills that will help achieve your photographic success fast with direct links to us for help.

You will have links to private educational videos in ESCAPE section of our web site.

You will have links to free photoshop presets to help you achieve your look and feel.

You will have templates for, and learn how to pitch, estimate and quote so the one days shooting per month can be enough for you to live your dream life.

You will learn how to gain access to the top models in the UK

Escape starts on Sunday 22nd of January. You really don't have to settle for the normal 9 to 5, 2023 is your time!

Email us or DM us through the contacts page if you would be interested in our subscription or pay as you go membership.

We cant wait to work with you.

Escape Route